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The visitor pattern can be used on structures of objects which implements a specific interface defining a method called accept. In practice, in many cases, the structures are already created and we have to visit structures of already created objects. Changing hierarchies of classes for adding a new method is not a viable solution. We [...]

What is Google Guice Google Guice is a light java dependency inversion framework using annotations. It is developed by Google(Bob Lee and Kevin Bourrillion) and it is used internally by Google for their applications. Google Guice is sometimes considered an Inversion of Control Container but as their authors state it’s not a container, it’s just [...]

Java or .NET languages does not allow multiple inheritance and usually we don’t need multiple inheritance in our projects. However there are cases when inheriting from multiple classes is a necessity. There are a few tricks we can apply in order to be able to get what multiple inheritance gives us in the languages where [...]

What is Factory Pattern? Factory Pattern is a creational design pattern. It is responsible for creating instances of objects without using directly the object constructor. For this reason Factory Pattern is widely used in frameworks, to encapsulate the logic of creating the objects and to make the framework independent of the objects it needs to [...]

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